Say good-bye toWeb Feedback Limitsin Presentation tools


Load live websites as they lookwith LIVE review mode

  • Activate the Live review mode with our Chrome extension. The page navigating is as smooth as normal browsing, allowing for efficient feedbacks.

  • Switch between PC, tablet, and mobile views with a single click. Automatically labeled task by device is posted.

  • Review dynamic effects on mouse hover, scroll, and even animation. Review everything displayed on the screen, not just web content.


Easy task posting and updates with Review canvas

  • The canvas feature automatically loads screenshots of review areas and allows comments to be turned into tasks, significantly improving the feedback process.

  • Freehand annotations, text additions, status updates, task deadlines, flag settings, and more provide unmatched usability.

  • Posted tasks can be edited. With additional instructions on screenshots and text or flag updates, the possibilities are endless.


Say good-bye to missed deadlines with feedback tasks

  • Posted tasks are easy to check in the table view and easy-to-read in the content view to avoid missing any details.

  • Assign "Unset" status tasks to members and mark them as "In Progress," while web directors can check tasks marked as "In Review" and move them all to "Done" finally.

  • Powerful search features for statuses, deadlines, design/code, attention, priority labels, comment, and more ensure that no important tasks are overdue.

other features

More Features and Highlights of Revool

Intuitive Project Dashboard

Create and manage projects for each assignment, add review pages, and track task progress by project and page.

Project Owners Oversee Everything

Paid plan users have project owner privileges, able to create projects, invite members, and more.

Free Users Are Valued Members

Free plan users can join invited projects, add pages, post and edit comments, and manage tasks.

Auto storing of Review Page URLs

When you load a page and post tasks, the review page URL is automatically stored. No need to add pages in advance.

Auto Switching of Review Page URLs

Switching pages via links will also automatically record the page URL after page transition.

Review Everything on the Screen

With Revool, you can review any content that appears on the screen and take screenshots.