Our Solution

Web Design Feedback Tool Revool

A web design feedback tool ideal for managing tasks related to website and web app design reviews, UI/UX improvements, and QA testing.

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Our Solution

Home Searching Support Tool Ranking Homes

Create convenient comparison lists for apartment hunting. Useful for home selection and life planning with rent cost and long-term housing purchase cost simulation.

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Our Uniqueness

What Makes Us Unique

We leverage a wide range of expertise from web technology and UI/UX design to marketing, offering web application development, website production, and marketing support.

Web Production

We offer web app development and website production that utilize the best platforms and architectures, from frontend to backend, through full-stack engineers and project directors.


Marketing and PR Support

We provide support in planning, producing, and designing websites, presentations, and proposal documents, targeting customers, and strategizing both online and offline marketing and public relations branding.


Customer Success Support

We offer customer success support, including service menu design, KPI development, reporting, and report template creation.

Customer Support IT Utilization Support

We assist in the implementation of chat tools, construction of chatbots, and training of support AI, supporting the use of IT in customer support areas.

Operational Efficiency and Improvement

We support the selection and implementation of the best IT tools that lead to operational efficiency and have a high cost-performance ratio, by analyzing current IT tools and IT utilization challenges.

Our Values

What We Value

To benefit our clients and society, we prioritize the following six values.


We focus on the final outcome as well as the process, striving to exceed our clients' expectations.


"Done is better than perfect." We prioritize the quick start and getting something done. Let's improve it later on.


We value individual skill improvement and organizational growth, constantly evolving with technology.


We emphasize collaboration and cooperation both internally and externally. Good results stem from teamwork with our clients.


We are not constrained by conventional ideas and technologies. We adopt new approaches and strategies flexibly and boldly.


We act proactively, not reactively, leading projects with a strong sense of autonomy and responsibility to ensure success.